Best online roulette winning strategy you should try right now

legal betting sites in india for rouletteRoulette is the kind of game that creates a buzz around a table in a casino. Online casinos are no less exciting for playing this game of chance and there are a number of legal betting sites in India who all offer the game of roulette to their players. Find out here how to play and how to increase your chances of winning.

Different roulette games

There are several different kinds of roulette and if you play at any of the legal betting sites in India you will find a lot more than at a bricks and mortar casino. There is roulette with several balls, several wheels or a whole host of other weird and wonderful features. They are all fundamentally based on two kinds of roulette games, European or American.

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European roulette an American roulette are basically exactly the same apart from one huge difference which we will explain here.

A roulette wheel has 36 numbers (1-36). In European roulette the wheel also has a 0 on it. This gives the house an edge, even though you can bet on it as a single number. In American roulette the house has an even greater edge by having a 0 and a 00 (double zero) on the wheel.

For the purposes of this guide, all bets referred to apply to the game of European roulette.

So there are 36 numbers arranged in a seemingly random order around the wheel. Each number is either red or black (with the exception of 0 which is green). You need to choose an outcome and bet accordingly before the dealer releases the ball and says “no more bets!”

european vs american wheel legal betting sites in India

You can choose a single number at odds of 35/1, but the big odds tell you that it is statistically unlikely. That’s why a lot of players will bet on multiple numbers and accept lower odds for a greater chance of winning. You can either place chips on each separate number or on the line between two, the corner between four or next to a row of three on the table. The table is marked very clearly to show you where to place chips.

A full column of numbers is also popular and 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36 is a bet that pays 2/1.

You can also choose from 1-18 or 19-36; odd or even; or red or black for a payout of 1/1.

The bets with 1/1 and 2/1 odds are known as outside bets and it is here the 0 gives the house an edge as it will make every single bet a loser.

Give yourself an edge

beating roulette in indian legal sites

There are several strategies which can help give the player an advantage in roulette. Any roulette table displays at least the last 10 winning outcomes on a board by the table. Do you see a pattern? The same number or numbers at the same part of the wheel might come out more than others. This is a result of a dealer signature, an outcome favoured because of the way they release the ball or the timing of it. It is worth watching a table to see if this is the case. This only works in a real casino or when playing live casino games online. You are unlikely to find any kind of signature in an electronic game where every spin is completely random.

The best strategy for winning at roulette is having a staking plan. This works best on the outside bets and is why you will always see the big hitters placing these bets and never individual numbers. While a 35/1 payout is tempting it is much better to win little and often than wait and wait for a jackpot that might never come. The 1/1 bets are best as they are like tossing a coin and there are only two possible outcomes – apart from the pesky 0 which will occasionally pop up and ruin your fun.


The staking strategy is simple and involves doubling up every time you lose. For example, you stake $10 that the winning number will be odd. If it wins, stake $10 on odd again. If the number is even stake $20 on odd before the next spin. Quite simply you drop back down to $10 whenever you win and continue to double up – $20 $40, $80, etc. – each time you lose. Every time you drop back down to $10 you will have made a $10 profit. As long as the house or table accepts large bets and you have a significant bankroll this is a system which can’t fail, although bets will be in the thousands after 8 or 9 losses in a row. There is an element of risk, but budget for it and you will be fine. It is not necessary to start with $10 as your base stake either – some casinos, particularly online, accept $1 stakes on outside bets. Whether you choose odd or even or red or black, you should stick with the same choice throughout your playing session. Always check the table limits before employing a doubling up strategy.

legal roulette in india

Legal betting sites in India for roulette

There are a number of legal betting sites in India where you can play roulette, despite India’s strict anti-gambling laws. These online casinos operate offshore and as such are not governed by India’s law – neither are they illegal. These websites accept Indian players and payments are possible in many ways, so there is no risk of having a bank transfer or debit card payment declined. We recommend Indio Casino, 888 Casino, Royal Panda Casino and Betway Casino. All of these have been tested by us and are 100% trustworthy and reliable. Indian players are welcome and more importantly winners are welcome. Each of these casinos offers new players a generous welcome bonus which you absolutely should take advantage of. Head over to their websites and check out how much free money you could get your hands on before you start playing roulette online.